April 16, 2013

Day eleven- pet peeves

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

10 is so many! I am not sure I have ten to share... Maybe I'll just do 3.

1. I've already shared my compulsion for lateness. I actually think the reason for this goes back to when I was little. My mom and dad were divorced and living in different states. I had to fly to see my dad at the beginning of the summer and fly to my mom's when summer was over. Anyway, more than once my dad and I were late getting to the airport. This resulted in us having to run through the airport and almost missing my flight. Now my dad was a busy dad with lots of little kids, so I understand why we were often late and I never actually missed a flight but I think it just always stuck with me. The picture of running through the airport and feeling like everyone was looking at me. It was not fun so when I am late I feel the same bad feelings all over again. I also really don't like when others are late, but I already explained that in a previous day.

2. Making plans and having them change at the last minute. This drives me nuts. If it is a little thing (like a restaurant change) it isn't a big deal, but when it is a big plan change like a cancellation or something it is hard for me to wrap my mind around the change at the last minute. It makes me nervous and anxious and I don't like it.

3. Waking up to a messy house. It makes my day unproductive. It is like when I start and it is messy I don't want to do anything all day long. I try and clean up at night before I go to bed and have Miles help.... I hate waking up and being forced to clean up the mess we made yesterday. It just makes for a bad morning and a really unmotivated day.

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