April 8, 2013


We had the best Easter ever. We woke up to hidden eggs all over the living room and a fun basket for miles. We had set it all up the night before so it was a great surprise for miles.

Miles would find an egg and open it. The eggs had a few pieces of cereal in them. I filled them with lucky charms and golden grams. He loved it! He would find an egg and sit with it forever! It was hard to get him to keep searching for the eggs. In fact, we kept up with the eggs hunt almost all day. It was so fun. He would find an egg and run to us yelling egg. He was so proud of himself!

After that we got ready and went to the zoo. It was a super busy day at the zoo, but it was fun to see the cool treats they got out for the animals.

When we got home from the zoo, miles napped and then we watched his Easter movie. It was a great day full of fun and family time.

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