April 17, 2013

Day thirteen- growing up

13. What’s the hardest part of growing up?

I think the hardest part of growing up is feeling like you are responsible enough and grown up enough to do whatever you'd like. As a grown up, you look back and realize how inexperienced and how little you really knew. You want the best for your kids so you try to save them from mistakes but it just angers teens. It feels like your parents don't trust you... It is a complicated situation that makes for a tough few years.

I know now that my parents just wanted the best for me and were doing what they did because they love me, but it was tough in the moment because as a teen you don't see it that way. Anyway, I just think that once you grow up a bit it gets easier and you have enough experiences to be fully ready for adulthood. You are not meant to be on our own as a 14,15,16, or 17 year old and there is a reason for that. You have to wait until you are 19 and I feel like it is tough when you are waiting to be old enough but not there yet.

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