April 14, 2013

Day twelve- my day

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

Hmm... I guess this depends on what day it is. He weekend is very different from a weekday and I think this will all change once we move. Well, a weekday normally goes like this:

We wake up. Usually wake up happens between 6 and 7, just depending on when Miles decides. We wake up and I make coffee and turn on the news. I get miles some breakfast and he plays for a bit while I enjoy some quiet-ish time.

We get ready and play and some times go for a run or do a work out video together. Then it is snack time and nap. Miles usually has a nap from 11:30 to around 1. Then we do errands and play. Carl comes home around 5 and then we make and eat dinner and hang out as a family until miles goes to bed at 8. I usually stay up and read until about 9:30 and then bed for me too.

I have a feeling how we spend out days is going to change a lot when we move. Having a pool and family close by will make for days filled with friends and play dates and more fun. I am excited for the next chapter in our lives. Only another month until we move!

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