April 6, 2013

Day one-20 random facts

Number one on the list says:
20 random facts about myself

So here goes!
1. I am addicted to reading. No really... I think reading is like a drug to me. When I am reading a good book, I think about it all the time and count the minutes to when I can read again.
2. I love nature documentaries. They are so fun to watch.
3. I have a really sensitive heart and feel really sad whenever I have to leave any family. Like barely short of depression sadness.
4. I often wonder what my life would be like if I wasn't so scared of new things.
5. I am afraid of most anything I don't already know about. This ranges from speaking in front of people to jumping into lakes to really scary things like sky diving.
6. I hate buying new shoes. I love shoes but I hate having to break in new ones.
7. I have a new love for coffee. It is my one break in the morning that I allow myself some me time. It isn't really the coffee, it's more the warm drink in my hand and the time to myself that I love.
8. Every time I go into a bookstore I have the random urge to go to the bathroom. It's weird, but true. Carl makes fun of me every time we venture into one.
9. I love to make jello cake for the 4th of July. Even if no one eats it, I still love to make it.
10. I love to bake. Love. When I am in the mood, I will bake whatever sweet thing I think sounds good.
11. On the flip side, cooking isn't that great. I am a good cook, but don't really like cooking.
12. I rarely remember my dreams.
13. I don't remember the last time I didn't wake up at least once at night. I think it was somewhere around month 6 of my pregnancy with Miles.
14. I love having my toenails painted. They make me feel pretty.
15. I have a weakness for Reese's. especially the holiday ones with extra peanut butter. Yum
16. I hate most bugs and am scared of cockroaches.
17. I constantly wonder if I'm doing enough and being enough. Especially for Miles. Motherhood is filled with worries and doubts for me.
18. I don't have a favorite movie. I like Disney movies, but don't really have a favorite.
19. One of my favorites places to go is Disneyland. I LOVE going to Disneyland. It is a blast!
20. I hate being late. It irritates me so much that when others are really late it makes me mad. I can understand up to about 15 minutes, but more than that and and I feel like you didn't care enough to show up on time. There are always circumstances that make lateness ok, don't get me wrong. I am understanding, but I hate being late myself, and just wish others would have the same consideration for me.

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