April 5, 2013

Family Update

   1. The kitchen is in our living room and Miles loves it. He plays with it almost everyday and brings me a chef hat when he wants me to play too.

   2. Carl got a couple awards for being great in medical school and we have two dinners to go to. We went to one on Monday and Miles did great! We were there from 5 until 8! He never broke down or had a tantrum.. it was so wonderful. I am hoping for another great dinner tonight!
   3. Miles now says burr when it is cold. It is the cutest thing!
   4. Miles is afraid of grass. I think this is because we don't have any grass in our yard and he hasn't seen any since last summer. We went to the park and blew bubbles and he had to hold Carl's hand the whole time because he was afraid of the grass touching him. It was both funny and sad. Carl remarked that he can't be fearless, he isn't afraid of bugs or spiders so it makes sense he is afraid of grass.
   5. I am doing a 5k color run in two weeks. I think I will be walking most of it since I am doing it with my best friend and her daughter.
   6. I am reading a new book by blogger Glennon... she does the blog momastery and the book is so great. I think after I am done I am going to spread the love and share the book with my friend... I think this is the kind of book that should be shared because the kind of understanding and hope within the book is something everyone can use. I love her blog and I love her book. Her story is amazing and she gives me courage as a mom.
   7. Carl is on his last rotation before graduation. Two weeks of dermatology left before graduation at the beginning of May.
   8. Miles has started signing please and thank you. I am super encouraging this. It is so cute! He says please like you sign bath and he says thank you like blowing a kiss. It is so sweet. He is so smart. I only showed it to him once  and he got it and keeps doing it! I am hoping it sticks!
   9.Carl made Miles a kitchen tower so he can see what we are doing while we cook. I showed Carl the one I wanted at a almost $200 price tag and he took it upon his self to make one for under $50... Miles loves it. It folds up and fits next to our fridge so it doesn't take up a ton of room in our very tiny kitchen. Here is Miles climbing in it

   10. Our zoo pass is almost expired... we have the rest of the month left so I think every weekend will be filled with zoo and aquarium time! We have been so spoiled with having the pass... we have gone at least 50 times and Miles asks to go all the time. He loves to run around and see all the animals. The zebra and gorillas are his favorite. He asks for the gorillas almost everyday now. It is so cool... it makes me wonder if Miles is going to be some kind of zoologist or vet. 

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  1. See- Good thing we were there last year, so you got that pass. Can you believe it's been a year. My goodness....