April 23, 2013

Day nineteen- parenthood

19. How did you feel the moment you became a parent

Wow.... This is a great question. I guess there are two parts, when I realized I was pregnant and when I really held Miles for the first time.

When I realized I was pregnant, I was so excited. It was actually my 25th birthday. I was going to go to my mom's house for the weekend because Carl had a conference out of town for a few days and I didn't want to be alone. I took a test because I was wondering and it was positive! Or was it? i saw a super faint blue line and was not really sure. I felt like a piece of my life was coming together. I was so excited and yet scared a bit too. I got in my car to go but another test, just to be sure, and I called my mom. I didn't want to tell Carl without being 100% sure.

After I talked to my mom, she made me see that I had to wait a few days before the hormone would be high enough for the test to be more than a faint line. I went to my moms, took like 3 more tests and sure enough I was pregnant with Miles. I was so excited.

After going through labor, I was so out of it but the one of the moments I really remember we're waiting to see my sons face. All I could see was his feet. I could hear him crying and I was crying too but I just wanted to see him and connect with him. I was already so in love and just wanted to connect my love with a face and a baby I could touch and hold.

The next real moment I remember was sitting in a wheelchair while we were being lead to out room. I held Miles and just kept saying over and over how much I loved him and how beautiful he was. I kept asking Carl and my mom, "isn't he so cute? Don't you just love him so much?"

The last great memory I have is the first night together. Carl, Miles, and I were all in our room. Miles was sleeping and all I felt was a tired, wonderful bliss. It was the best night. Carl and I recorded a video about how much we loved our baby and how grateful we were to be parents to this little miracle.

I love being a parent and I wouldn't change any bit of it. Miles is worth all of the time and energy he takes. He is the best baby. He is almost 2 and although I can't wait to see the man he becomes, I am glad for the time I get with him now.

my first test... see the SUPER faint line? 

The first one that proved I was pregnant

Another test I took for Carl so I could surprise him with the news

Miles' first picture

The first one where we could see his little face

Carl waiting with a new born Miles. I could see Carl and just make out little toes

Miles being more alert

My first time seeing little Miles... man, I look horrible... puffy and horrible... oh, well. Labor was really hard for me :)

Miles looking at me for the first time

His cute little hat and binky

Our first night

kissing baby toes

The day we went home from the hospital

Our little family

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