April 25, 2013

Day twenty-one- parental relationships

21. Describe your relationship with your parents.

Man, I'm 27 so doesn't that mean my parental relationships are complicated? This question is complicated with so many layers of time and experiences. I am not sure I could give a well thought out and full description of my relationships, but I guess I'll try.

My mom- like all mothers and daughters, I feel like my mom and I have had our ups and downs. Mostly ups, but I had a year or two of rebellion. I didn't want to listen to my mom or try to understand her but as I've gotten older, I realize how much we have in common and how much I can learn from her. I 100% respect my mom. She is amazing. She is one of my best friends. We call each other at least once a week and text all the time. I only live a few hours away from her and visit at least monthly. She loves having Miles and I visit and is a great sounding board for me. She really tells me how it is and isn't afraid to tell me that Carl is right and I need to just be nice to him.

My dad-  When my parents divorced they had shared custody of me and my dad got summers. This means that he and I spent less time together. Now that I am older he lives farther away from me, so it is tough to see him. I haven't seem him in a year. We talk and skype but my dad is often busy with his work and other things, so it is hard for him to get away and visit us. I am not working but have a baby so it is hard for me to either have the money to fly or be able to drive over to visit them. Despite these challenges we have managed to stay in touch. I love my dad and just hope that by moving closer to him our relationship will be stronger.

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