April 26, 2013

Day twenty-four- favorite parent moment

24. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about parenthood?

My favorite thing about parenting is the sweet little things Miles does. He always has moments of total sweetness where he will kiss me just because or will dance in the middle of the living room because he likes the commercial song. There are just little moments that are perfect and wonderful that make parenting worth it.

My least favorite thing is night time. After we fall asleep and before we get up. This is the time where Miles is either the best sleeper and has a great night (which is most of the time) or it is horrible. There are nights where he wakes up and his nose is so stuffy he can't sleep or he is sick and throws up. The moments where I am so tired I can't find the strength to deal with it. Where I am so tired I can't be super nice and cuddly. I just want sleep.

Now my very favorite moment of being a parent was the first few weeks Miles was born. It was magic. Carl and I just used the time to wonder in our baby. My mom was here to help cook and clean and my sister was here to help if I needed a break or needed anything really. It was just a time where I look back and realize how far we've come and how lucky and blessed we are.

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