April 7, 2013

Day three- my spouse

#3- Describe your relationship with your spouse

This is a complicated and very personal day. Hmm... I guess if I had to summarize my relationship with Carl, I would say we are best friends. That means that we share almost everything- the good, the bad, the scary, the difficult, the wonderful. We share it all.

We tend to be good communicators. We talk about what is bothering us and how we can change it to be better. We have mostly good times and experiences but there have been really hard times between us that stemmed from not communicating and when we went back to talking, we worked it out. I think there will always be times of struggle between us because no one is perfect but I also have faith that we love each other enough to figure out a way to make it work. We have learned, through time, how we should talk and what things we should bring up or let go.

Our relationship is full of laughter and love. One of the reasons I fell in love with Carl was because he made me laugh, a lot. I laughed so much each time we were together and I still laugh. I love that my best friend makes me laugh and is my partner in life.

Another part of our relationship is care and respect. Carl cares about me and my feelings and he respects me enough to listen and try to change something if I'm not happy. I have the same care and respect for him, so it makes for a good relationship. We really make a good team.

Our relationship is one that is built well. We were friends first and had an understanding of each other before we ever had a loving relationship. We had the respect before we had love and I think that has helped us to stay strong.

We have a great marriage full of happiness and love and I am so glad that our love can be grown by Miles and any future children we may have. I consider myself a lucky lady to have Carl by my side as my partner, love, and best friend.

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