April 5, 2013


    Oh my goodness.... looking back, this has been such a crazy year. I started looking back on the posts I've made and I realize that I have been so blessed.

     Looking at this post where we talk about a spot on Miles' heart and about our experience with it, I see that I am lucky my baby is who he is. Miles is the most rambunctious almost two year old. Almost 2 years ago I was so worried my baby was sick and wasn't the perfect little guy I dreamed of. Thankfully Miles is just fine. He runs everywhere, climbs on everything he can, dances to whatever songs he hears, loves water and bath time, and is the biggest momma's boy.

    He really is the perfect baby and even if the spot that came up on the ultrasound turned out to be something, I know he would still be perfect and would still be my little boy. I thank God everyday for such a great little guy. We are blessed to have Miles and I know that whatever children we have after him we will love just as much.

 Anyway, I love my little Miles and am so glad that he is ours.

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